Modern SaaS to Co-browse web sites and remote control PCs, Phones, SaaS and Apps.

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PC and phone manufacturers; SaaS, Web and mobile app providers and IT help desks.


All Platforms

ScreenMeet works on all customer platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and all Browsers. The support agent only needs a web browser.

Easy To Use

Easy to use

Users just click a link you send to them or enter a 6 digit code into a web page or mobile app. ScreenMeet automatically detects their platform and guides them through the cobrowse or remote support process for their device.


Simple web-based UI for Agents

Customer Support can view and remote control the customer’s screen directly in their web browser. No special software required.

CRM and ITSM Integration

CRM and ITSM Integration

ScreenMeet is integrated with leading CRM and ITSM vendors including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk and Microsoft Dynamics 365. With ScreenMeet, your agents no longer need additional software to run remote support sessions from your CRM.

Secure and Redundant

Secure and Redundant

256-bit SSL encryption and data centers world wide ensure that your sessions are safe, reliable and fast. One-time session keys ensure consumer safety.

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