ScreenMeet partners with leading customer experience, employee experience, and remote support solution providers to deliver better real-time online experiences.

We are proud to partner with Salesforce, ServiceNow, MSFT Dynamics, and Zendesk

to deliver real-time tools to support businesses and consumers

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    ScreenMeet’s native Salesforce integration delivers frictionless real-time video, chat, and cobrowse from any Salesforce object. Use ScreenMeet to improve customer service, enable virtual e-commerce, and support real-time collaboration and remote support - all without a download.

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    ScreenMeet’s native ServiceNow integration makes it simple to move from voice, video, or chat to cobrowsing and remote control directly from within any ServiceNow case or incident without additional software.

    ScreenMeet for ServiceNow Watch ScreenMeet Remote Support with ITSM Pro
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    MSFT Dynamics

    ScreenMeet’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration makes remote support simple and easy for customers and agents. Seamless move from ScreenMeet’s cloud-based application to Dynamics 365 with automated data capture, reducing friction and training for agents and improving customer and remote support experiences.

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    ScreenMeet’s Zendesk App works in Zendesk Support and Chat to allow agents to create a remote support session and seamlessly move from chat to video to cobrowsing and remote control, accelerating case resolution and improving the remote support experience.