ScreenMeet Live +

ScreenMeet’s browser native architecture means that no software downloads or mobile apps are needed to instantly talk, video chat or screen share from a computer or mobile device.

We are proud to partner with Salesforce to deliver real-time tools to support businesses and consumers in these unprecedented times. ScreenMeet Live delivers simple, web-based Audio, Video, Cobrowse and Remote Support inside of Chat (Live Agent). You, your customers and employees can be talking, video chatting and screen sharing through your SFDC instance in under an hour.

ScreenMeet Live enables customer service agents to start a voice, video and cobrowse session directly from a text chat session within leading CRM solutions like Salesforce Chat (Live Agent).

For consumers looking for help with typical online activities like setting up an account, searching for product information, or navigating through a checkout process, ScreenMeet Live presents a seamless customer experience from chat to two-way video and voice to cobrowse, all within their browser. End users chatting with customer support agents receive a link directly in the chat to immediately start a cobrowse session with that agent.

ScreenMeet Live is a no download, non-intrusive solution to quickly serve customers and improve customer satisfaction. ScreenMeet Live includes two-way voice and video and cobrowse for a more personalized customer experience without the need for additional communication channels.

Agent View

ScreenMeet Live is integrated with
Salesforce Chat (Live Agent),
allowing agents to initiate video,
voice and cobrowse directly from

Using video chat enhances digital

engagement and customer

For call centers and
business-to-consumer e-commerce
enterprises, support agents engaging
customers in Salesforce Chat (Live
Agent) sessions can provide
customers a more personalized
service without the need for additional
communication channels.

ScreenMeet Live enables the agent to
escort a customer through product
research or other online transactions
on a website in real time by being able
to see what the customer sees and
helping them navigate to solve the

User View

End Users receive a link directly in chat to start an immediate cobrowse session with a customer service agent.

Cobrowse enables the agent to walk an end user through a process on a website in real time by being able to see what the end user sees. With this end-user view, agents can guide the end user to solve the problem, whether that’s helping to set up an account, searching for information or

navigating through the checkout process.


Support Tools PIN:

The 6 digit PIN end user used to join the session

Laser Pointer:

Agent’s mouse cursor acts as a laser pointer on the end users screen


Requests permission to draw using a highlighter on the remote device


Agent can scroll through the website and send end users to a determined destination

Video Chat:

Allows Agent and end user to share webcam and audio over VoIP

System Info:

Detailed system information of remote device

File Transfer:

Bi-Directional, Agent-to-User or User-to-Agent file transfer


Counts the session time length

Key Benefits

Seamlessly escalate from text chat to video and voice call to cobrowse, all in the browser

Enhance the customer service experience for your customers

Seamless integration into leading CRM solutions

No third-party apps required on Agent or End User machines


All data throughout the ScreenMeet session is SSL encrypted using TLS 1.2 transport security with AES-256-bit encryption.

All sessions automatically generate an audit trail of session activity, complete with video recording and files transferred during the session written back to the associated Salesforce Case.

Authentication is provided by Salesforce credentials, eliminating additional overhead for administration of users and permissions.

Technical Specs

Video Bandwidth requirements: min 250kbps (up/down), recommended 1.5mbps (up/down)

Audio Bandwidth requirements: min 10kbps (up/ down), recommended 500kbps (up/down)

Video Codec: VP8, Voice Codec - Opus, Desktop streaming codecs - h.264 on win, VP8 on mac.

Browser Requirements: Chrome vers 72+, Firefox vers 65+, Edge vers 17+, Safari vers 12+

Processor: min Single Core 1Ghz or higher, recommended Dual Core 2Ghz or higher (i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent)

RAM: min N/A, recommended 4GB