Release Notes – September 17, 2018

New Feature – Agent Invite URL

The new feature in ScreenMeet is the ability for an agent in a live session to invite other agents via sharing a URL with them. The 2nd agent then has to request permission to enter the session and the 1st agent has to grant them permission.

Agents now have the option to invite other agents by copying the Invite URL. This is achieved by choosing the option to copy the URL and sharing the URL with other agents they want to join their live session. 

Learn how this new feature works and how you can invite additional agents into your live session below.

Feature Description

  1. Agent launches a session and views in Agent View screen.
    Session Start
  2. If URL sharing is enabled for the session, you can copy the URL and invite other agents to join the session.
  3. Agents need to sign in to view the Session.

  4. Anonymous visitors and agents who are not authenticated will be presented with an option to “Request Entry” into the session once they access the Invite URL.
  5. At this point, the 1st agent will get a notification inside of the session that another agent requested permission to enter. They can reject or deny the permission.
    • If permission is granted, the 2nd agent will enter the session.
      ScreenMeet Join
    • if denied, the 2nd agent gets the Permission Denied message .
      ScreenMeet Deny – Deny No.2
  6. Once the 2nd agent has entered the session, they will be able to re-enter that session as long as their browser cookies are intact (for instance, refreshing the browser should automatically let them re-enter the session)
    • If the agents do not have their browser cookies intact because of the reasons mentioned below, they have to request Entry again to enter the live session.
      • Browser uninstalled and re-installed again
      • Browser stopped responding and Agent deleted the Cache and Cookies details

New Enhancement – Remove Firebase Dependency

We have an Enhancement made to ScreenMeet to make the Agent User Experience better. Learn more about the Enhancement below.

Enhancement Description

  1. ScreenMeet has removed Google’s Firebase service from the product and replaced it with an in-house equivalent.
    • Background : ScreenMeet used Firebase as a discovery service for the product – it would let the browser’s front end know when a session was live (Example: When an end-user connected), and which of our servers to connect to for that session.
  2. This change has no impact on the user experience. Further, it will no longer require the agent’s web browser to open connections to the firebase service and reduce the amount of firewall exceptions required for the service to function correctly.
  3. This change will also remove some hurdles from running ScreenMeet service in China where Google web services are blocked.
What end-user platforms does ScreenMeet support?

End-User Platforms supported by ScreenMeet are Windows 7, 8, 10. Mac OS 10.10+. Android 5.0+, iOS 11+